Best content locker networks 2021


Best content locker networks 2021

I am sure you know what is content locking and that is the reason you are reading this article but still, I will explain you in simple words and tell you some strategies behind content locking monetizing techniques.

Basics about content locking

Content locking was introduced in 2011 and CPALEAD was the first company to invent content locking solutions for bloggers and internet marketers. After that Content locking was endorsed by numerous CPA companies and now it has become one of the best monetizing solutions for bloggers & affiliate marketers.

How does content locking works?

The content locking formula is simple. A website owner or content owner can lock their premium content like Ebooks, Games, Programming files, scripts, etc on a content locking platform and then integrate it on their website/blog or app

So when a visitor wants to download or view your premium content, He/She has to complete a CPI (Cost per install), CPL (cost per lead) or CPV (Cost per view) offer to view or download that particular content. Now When the visitors complete the offer, You will get paid for the particular offer.

On content locking, There are numerous affiliate offers depending upon different countries and average payout per offer is $1-$10 depending on offer type & GEO

Example of How content locking works

For example if you wanna get some game secret cheat code or script but it is not available for free on the internet and then you lands on a website which shows you that you can download that particular game secret cheats for free but you will have to complete a small survey or offer which hardly takes one minute.

Now you will complete the offer as you anyhow want the game cheat and once the offer/survey is completed, your file will begin the download and the author of the website will earn revenue by the content locking company.

How content locker Ad Networks works

There are hundreds of content locker Ad networks scattered over the web but only very few of them are ethical. A content locker is a platform that allows advertisers to host their offers or campaigns and publishers can upload their files or links and use offers from the advertisers to earn revenue.

Many Ad Networks offers self hosted landing pages with beautiful design which boosts the conversion rates.

Here are 2 best content locking Ad networks for bloggers and affiliate marketers. These are the most trusted and used networks by top internet marketers and have highest industry-leading payouts. So Signup on all of them as they all have unique benefits & features for their publishers.

We have included Newbie friendly networks, So if you are new into content locking, Signup on any of them without hassle and your account will be activated after approval. Approval is easy on all of them 

1: CPAlead

CPALead is top CPA & PPC network specializing in CPA offers, CPI mobile app installs. CPALead is working since 2007 with advance custom racking to offer the best services for publishers.

(Ad disclaimer: we are not responsible about above 👆Crypto ad mostly ads are scam so do research before clicking ads) 

CPALead enables you to earn revenue with pure content locking as they have the highest number of publishers on their platform. They offer you the highest rates in the industry. You can create, edit, or host unlimited number of offers.

CPALead features 

Highest payout in industry

Oldest & largest CPA content locking platform

Engage in CPALead community to build relations with top internet marketers and learn more tips.

CPALead offers weekly payment via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, ACH direct deposit.

Have dedicated landing page for mobile app install.

You may view Offers on CPALead even without signing up. Just head over to to check all offers from different category.

🔥 Signup on CPALead

I am personally using CPALead and I can say it is simply the best network, However, I am also using other Content Locker Ad Networks but my love for CPALead is the same.


CPAGrip is one of the premier incentive affiliate networks and providing industry leading exclusive and offers and top notch ground breaking technology for publishers. This is a company that you should really try out its offerings if you really like money. They have successfully conquered the world of Click Per Action and are now rated among the Top 10 CPA Networks 2013. The company offerings are characterized by 24/7 support and weekly payments in addition to some of the best offers in the industry. It is really worthy the effort of trying out what CPAGrip has in store for your online business. You can rest assured of a completely different and unique experience when it comes to content unlocking, video locking and file locking.

Author opinion : They instant accept for newbie. If you want to make money with content locker.

Minimum Payment: $50

Payment Options: Check, PayPal, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)

Payment Types: Net-30, Net-15, Net-7, Bi-weekly, Weekly

Commission Types: CPA, CPL, CPS

🔥 Signup on CPAgrip

Earn 100$ per month using link locker step by step guide 


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