Easy trading on trusted binance exchange with step by step guide

 I will explain how you can start trading online on binance ,step by step guide

First create free binance account on link below


Watch my YouTube video step by step guide

Review about binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on all kinds of traders. It’s a perfect place to start as a beginner, but targeting the experienced cryptocurrency trader. They use different layouts for each type of trader. You can compare an exchange with a foreign exchange bureau where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another to make a profit.

The most common method is to exchange Bitcoin for one of the cryptocurrencies offered by Binance. In addition to Bitcoin, you can also exchange for Ethereum, Binance Coin and USD Tether (stablecoin) and dozens of other currencies.

The Binance offer is very wide, but not all cryptocurrencies are available on this exchange. At the moment there is no exchange where you can buy all cryptocurrencies in the world, because there are simply too many cryptos in circulation and not all cryptos are equally safe. On top of that dozens of cryptocurrencies are created every day and it is impossible to show them all on one exchange. The offer of Binance is regularly expanded and this is often accompanied by a nice competition where you can win free tokens based on trading volume.

Binance also launches IEOs where new projects (coins) can launch their coin. Binance started as an exchange-only, but offers nowadays more and more services. You can use the platform for cryptocurrency staking, saving, lending, future trading and more.

How to buy crypto at Binance?
For beginning users it can be quite complicated to buy cryptocurrency, especially on an exchange like Binance. For this reason we made several tutorials and instructional videos to explain it as clearly as possible.

Create an account
Creating a new account is very easy. You only need an email address and password. We will give you a lifetime 20% discount on all fees with our special link. And don’t forget to apply our Binance referral ID to receive the lifetime cashback on all your trades.

Place an order
After you register your account you can open positions and place orders. Keep in mind that you are exchanging cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency on this exchange. Therefore, you need cryptocurrency to start with. It won’t be an issue if you don’t own any crypto, you can buy it at Binance (with a high fee) or with a broker. We will explain how to do that.

Please follow these steps to place an order:

Register an account or log in
Hover over Wallet and click on Spot wallet (Deposit and Withdraw)
Search for Bitcoin (BTC) and click on Deposit
You can buy Bitcoin with a broker for a low fee. Use this guide to buy crypto with Bitvavo.
You can buy Bitcoin at Binance with a credit card.
If you already own some crypto, search for that coin and deposit it into the right address.
Send the Bitcoin to your own address. You receive a notification when it is deposited successfully
Hover over Spot and click on Classic
Search for the coin you want to buy and click on it
At the bottom you find your Buy and Sell screens. We advice you to use the Limit or the Market order (for now)
Limit order: the order will be placed for in the order book for the price that you have filled in. You have to wait until the price reaches your chosen price
Market order: the order be executed immediately for the current market price
After your order is executed you successfully traded Bitcoin for your chosen coin (with a limit order is it even possible that your order has been partially filled). When you want to sell your coins you can use the screen next to it.

Store and Withdrawal Methods 

Given that Binance offers just crypto-to-crypto markets, all stores and withdrawals include moving assets to and from outer crypto wallets. 

This doesn't have any significant bearing for fiat-to-crypto buys and stores by means of outsider specialist organizations, unbelievably, with their own assistance expenses that run from 1% to up to 7%. For instance, you can make EUR stores utilizing: 

Simplex (VISA and Mastercard) 

SEPA bank move 

iDeal bank move 

BANXA (bank cards and bank moves) 

Koinal (VISA, Mastercard, and other significant card processors)

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